• Portable Solar Battery Charger Is the Latest Green Gadget from China

  • Portable solar battery cum charger.jpg
    Chinese geeks seem to have done it; they have designed solar battery charger which is both affordable and portable. It is encased in tough molded clamshell and consists of two large solar panels and built-in rechargeable battery of fairly high capacity along with 16 adapter configurations and 8 kinds of voltage settings. It can quickly recharge all your gadgets like cell phone, laptop and MP4 players. In short it takes care of all charging woes using only solar energy. Best part of this green gadget is it is highly portable and affordable. It costs only $196.25 and one can carry it along on long journeys and leave it to the sun to keep your gadgets going.

    Modern electronic gadgets need recharging and this portable solar battery chargers will help us reduce our dependency on conventional electricity to a great extent. Such portable solar batteries chargers will enable us to use our laptops and cell phones in remote areas where there is no constant electric supply but there is ample sunlight. Green gadgets help us tap natural resources like sunlight, so let us step out in the sunny world and recharge ourselves to deal with pessimism.
    Via Chinavision