• Phone charging device attaches to shoe to transform kinetic energy into electricity

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    Now skating hasn’t amounted to much besides being a great sport and the best way to break an arm, until now. Skating sure has inspired Argentine designer Soledad Martin, who after spending a few hours on his set of wheels came up with this innovative way to charge up your cell phone, taking into consideration the conversion of movement into energy. Using a nanogenerator system, this charger attaches to your shoe and while you walk, skate, run, jump or jog charges up your phone. No longer do you need to moan over lost mobile phone charges. Just flip open the lid, connect the USB and juice up your phone! And if you’re fashion conscious, this one has interchangeable straps in different colors.

    You could also charge up your mp3 player with this one, taken that it uses USB connectivity. So get out there with your skateboard and generate some green energy!

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