• Pedestrian-powered Pavegen stone harnesses kinetic energy

  • pedestrian_powered_energy.jpg
    Power by the people is power for the people! Generating power out of every step of pedestrians is not too common. We have seen dance clubs generating energy from dancer’s thumping on the dance floor. Now Laurence Kemball-Cook intends to trap energy out of more than 50,000 pedestrians everyday on a busy street by paving a stone. The rubber Pavegen stone will produce kinetic energy when it is stepped on. When it flexes 5 mm, the dynamo technology will capture this energy. Such pedestrian power can help to energize lights, computers, automatic doors and ticket machines. Also streets and shops frontages can be illuminated with this power. Whenever stepped on, the slab glows to indicate that the energy is captured. It is estimated that five paving slabs distributed over a section of a pavement will provide sufficient power to illuminate a bus information panel overnight. Early next year, trials will take place in several locations throughout the UK. To know more details, please read here.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 29, 2009