• Pedal away your kitchen’s carbon footprint and blend and grind the green way

  • Pedal-Powered-Food-Porocessor.jpg
    Using electricity to fulfill all those basic kitchen needs might not be all that easy in future, taken that resources are quickly depleting and the environment, is being slowly chocked out of its health. Well, efforts are being made to save the environment and the future from a carbon-soaked end, and the best way to start off doing your bit is on a personal end. Student designer Christoph Thetard came up with this kitchen appliance that’ll fulfill most of your need, with the use of electricity. Powered by a foot pedal, this one grinds your coffee beans, does all the blending work, and most of all, it uses no environment polluting materials to make!

    Made from wood and metal, shipping this one around could be a pain though, and help pitch up the prices. Keeping that away, this contraption seems to be the best way to pedal out of your kitchen’s carbon footprints!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on November 22, 2010