• Pavegen, the energy-generating street tiles use kinetic energy

  • Pavegen-energy-generating-street-tiles-1.jpg
    With the grids running dry and human kind setting out in search of alternative energy sources, designers world around have begun penning their thoughts with some pretty revolutionary designs, that could trickle in energy into our grids using some previously unperceived energy sources, like say, footpaths! Pavegen Systems have come up with a design for the Pavegen tiles, kinetic energy harvesting street tiling solutions that generate energy every time users walk over them! Perfect for cities where pedestrians crowd footpaths, these tiles could generate tons of energy, lighting up every time someone steps over them to make the inform the user about the part their footstep has played in generating a considerable amount of energy.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 24, 2011