• Patch, the world’s first bio-degradable paper wrist watch by Altanus

  • patch-paper-watch-1.jpg
    Not too often, there are times when we choose to get rid of our old time keeping devices that eventually end up in our dustbins and then landfills. These turn into scrap pieces of plastic, metal and leather and stay in the landfill for a good few years, taken that they aren’t made of biodegradable materials. So, Altanus, a Geneva-based watchmaker came up with the Patch. Besides just making sure you are kept informed of the time, the Patch watches are also bio-degradable, probably the first wrist watches to show up on earth, made of paper! The watches are available in 10 neon colors and a multitude of seasonal prints costing around $33.50 each! Taken that they are really cheap, you could just buy a bunch of these to match your clothes everyday!

    And when you’re done using them, you can dispose these 0.3 ounce watches away pretty easily! Keeping time goes environment friendly!
    Via – [Gizmodiva]

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