• Panasonic comes out with Solar-Powered Streetlights that shine for 10 Years

  • sanyo_solarlights.jpg
    How long do streetlights last do you know? Not that any of us have bothered to find out but they supposedly need to last for a lot of time and withstand a lot of rough weather. But Panasonic Electric Works Co. in collaboration with Sanyo Electric Co. has come up with a new alternative technique that brings up the lamp life by up to 40%! These streetlights will be made with solar cells, lithium ion batteries and LED lighting, giving the lamps a 10 year lifespan with very little maintenance hassles. The pricing for the 24-watt light is set at around about 3 million yen ($36,940) and a 10-watt version will cost you about 2 million yen ($24,625).

    Via – [Fareastgizmos]

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