• Oyster machines being created to harness wave power

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    A lot of innovative machines are being built, developed and tested to harness every possible renewable energy on this planet as well decrease drastically the dependence on conventional fuel which is depleting at a faster rate and are polluting the planet as well. A new addition to this is a giant machine name as Oyster which is designed to harness the power of the ocean waves and turn it into green electricity. These machines are being installed on the sea beds off the Atlantic shores of the Orkney Islands. The coming autumn 2009 will see these machines being tested to prove its innovative technology can lead to commercialization of renewable energy for use on seashores around the world.

    Oyster uses hydraulic technology for transferring wave power to the shore where it can be converted to electricity. An 18 meter wide oscillator is the key design feature of this machine. It was developed by Professor Trevor Whittaker from Queen’s University, Belfast. The oscillator is fitted with pistons and when it is activated by wave action, it pumps high pressure water through a subsea pipeline to the shore. At the shore, conventional hydroelectric generators convert this high-pressure water into electrical energy.

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