• Orange designs the Orange Power Wellies, willies that charge up your mobile phone for the Glastonbury Festival

  • OrangePowerWellies3_JPG_autothumb_w-550_scale.jpg
    People visiting the Glastonbury Festival will have their feet go orange. Orange came up with the Orange Power Wellies, an awesome and practical way to charge up. The prototype, created in collaboration with GotWind, renewable energy experts, is integrated with a ‘power generating sole’. This converts the heat emitting from your feet into the required energy to charge up your phone. The Orange Power Wellies will be displayed at the Glastonbury Festival by Orange, the festivals Official Communication Partner.

    A power output at the top of the welly is where you plug in your cell phone to charge up using all the energy your willies have stored through your days exploits. Using a ‘Seeback’ effect, energy is collected in the soles where an array of thermocouples forming a thermopile sandwiched between two ceramic wafers generates electricity as you step around. Maybe a pair of sneakers with a power plug in could help too! Nice thinking Orange!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 8, 2010