• OnBeat conceptualizes solar-powered headphones that juice your smartphone

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    Take a conventional piece of technology, add a bunch of flexible solar panels, and the result’s bound to be a lot better, like these solar powered headphones that we’ve spotted recently. These high-end headphones by OnBeat are capable of producing some of the best sounds you’d look for and is an audiophile’s tool, complete with accurate highs and lows. Besides its great sound, the OnBeat Solar Powered headphones are also comfortable to wear and use. The headphone sports small solar panels on its headband that soaks in the sun and is capable of juicing up electronics and USB-chargeable devices, like your smartphone for instance!

    The solar panel on the headphones hooks onto to two lithium ion batteries. These, when connected to smartphones or tablets, can provide enough energy for a substantial amount of time. The development of headphones by OnBeat is currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter and we’d sincerely love to see one of these sitting on storeshelves.






    [Via – Designboom]

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