• Oltu concept uses heat expelled by refrigerators to cool vegetables

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    Refrigerators are known to expel heat energy, most of which is left unused and is wasted. Industrial designer Fabio Molinas has come up with the Oltu concept, a system that uses the heat generated by refrigerators and uses the same to cool vegetables! The system uses the heat emitting from the back of a fridge and cools vegetables using evaporation. To function as it is intended to, the system uses clay containers. Heat rises and affects the double wall of the clay containers. Using water contained between the walls, the temperature inside is lowered.

    The Oltu is a sustainable way to store food, given the fact that it doesn’t require any external electrical connections. Also, this one’s easy to use and inexpensive to maintain. The Oltu encourages people to store vegetables in a more economically-responsible and energy efficient way.


    [Via – Fabiomolinas]

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