• OLED equipped UrbanTiles use solar power to light up building facades at night

  • 8521-629782-p.jpgWhen it comes to energy efficiency, OLEDs are right up there, and are expected to change the home-electronics industry for the greener good forever. Israeli designer Meidad Marzan’s UrbanTiles concept uses OLED lights to spice up building facades aesthetically. These two-sided reversible tiles have photovoltaics on one side which collect sun energy during the day and OLEDs that light up using the energy collected at night. These when used on building facades could turn our city skylines into an eye-pleasing treat like never before!

    A great concept which we’d love to see being utilized on those towering blocks of cement we call home in our cities, these energy-efficient green lights could make building facades a lot more beautiful during the dark hours!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on August 29, 2011