• Nokia N9 cell phone is energy efficient and eco-friendly

  • eco-friendly-Nokia-N9.jpg
    Nokia has indeed come up with some pretty green before, and seems to have done it again with the upcoming N9 phone. From what we’ve heard of Nokia’s latest brainchild, the packaging for this one will be made from up to 77% recycled material and is 100% recyclable and is as minimal as possible. The phone keeps away from the use of PVC, brominated and chlorinated compounds, and antimony trioxide and will do little to no harm whatsoever to the environment when its time to bid it goodbye. Also, this one is energy efficient, boasting a power save mode and an ambient light sensor, and includes an unplug charger reminder and a Nokia Fast USB charger too.

    This one’s sure to be a green way to communicate and we hope other phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung learn a few tricks from Nokia when it comes to staying green.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on August 8, 2011