• New York’s new lithium-ion battery storage system will help to reduce carbon emissions

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    It’s in New York and so it is great news! US Energy has finalised a $17.1 million loan for the construction of a 20 megawatt energy storage system using advanced lithium ion battery. The AES project will be located in Johnson City and will improve stability for the associated mains power grid and reduce carbon emissions. This project will use battery technology and a new software to provide the same regulation currently being used but at a lower price.

    It will include advanced lithium-ion battery cells from A123 Systems, Inc whose Smart Grid Stabilization System (SGSS) can respond in milliseconds compared to power plants which can take minutes to respond to a call to vary their power output. This system can also reduce the associated emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide by 80 percent over traditional power plant ancillary services.

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