• New dimmer switches lights up when you save energy

  • dimmer_switches.jpg Do you know the easiest way to save on your energy bill? Buy a dimmer switch for your lights and start using them. It is just pure mathematics. Dim a traditional incandescent bulb by just 15 per cent and you will see that your energy bills also reduce by 15 per cent. Dim it by 25 per cent and you will have your energy bills reduce by 20 per cent. You can even get back your cost of the dimmer very soon. Lutron is upping the ante with new Maestro and Meadowlark eco-minder switches that turn small LEDs on their panels from red to green when you’re saving at least 15 percent. The Meadowlark eco-dimmer’s green LED brightens as you’re saving more. When the LED is red it means you are losing money, when it is green, it means you are saving money. The brighter the green is the more money you save. That is a good way of reminding people that you are either saving or losing out on money because of your energy consumption. There are two models, the Maestro eco-minder which costs $45.50 and the Meadowlark which costs $24.80. Both the models are available from this month onwards.

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