• NASA’s solar-powered satellite launched to help study the sun

  • NAS's-Solar-Dynamics-Observatory-satellite.jpg
    Major flares and similar phenomena that disrupt power grids, communication and satellite navigations will no longer take us by surprise, thanks to NASA’s latest $850 million project. This project involved sending NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory into orbit using and Atlas 5 rocket on Thursday. The 8,800-pound solar-powered satellite is fitted with sophisticated instruments that will together gather information over a short time which in turn will help study the suns physics, titanic magnetic storms, flares, and explosions. The SDO will observe the sun around the clock for five years and send 1.5 terabytes of data everyday.

    This will help scientists understand solar activity and its affect on space weather. Solar variability affects the earth big time and can disrupt satellite operations, smart power grids, GPS navigation, emergency radio communications, air travel, and financial services. The system will help predict such phenomena.
    This new baby by NASA will sure help in the study of the mysterious sun in future and help us understand its moods and physics.

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