• N2-G4 ice cream maker is eco-friendly but exorbitant for $75,000

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    Beat the heat with a cool green dollop of ice-cream! And when I write green, it doesn’t imply to the color or flavor but the earth-friendly process behind churning out that yummy dollop. NitroCream has introduced a new luxury range called the N2-G4 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine. This eco-friendly and unique hand-crafted ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet machine is available in two options – the standard N2-G4 or a fully customized model. This ‘cool’ machine operates using liquid nitrogen, an abundant, inert, odorless, tasteless and automatically recyclable resource that comprises 78 percent of the atmosphere. Its features include great looks, quick production, easy to clean, lightweight and portable (below 20 inches wide and weighs less than 90 pounds) and finally, and most importantly, an energy-server with 110 V and not 220 V.

    The NitroCream N2-G4 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine starts at $34,900 while the custom models will raise the heat more with a scorching price tag of $75,000.
    Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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