• MSU researchers develop cleaner engine that requires no transmission

  • wave-disk.jpg
    Researchers at the Michigan State University have come up with a prototype for an internal combustion engine that could revolutionize the world in future, with 90% lesser emissions than the engines of the past. Built with a disk-shaped wave generator, the size of a saucepan, this engine requires no transmission system, cooling system or emission regulation of fuels and uses a rotor, with a wave-like pattern carved into channels that let in fuel and air. Using a shockwave effect that compresses the mixture, this one makes a car’s wheels spin perfectly well.

    It’ll be a while till the technology is perfected and polished and finally finds a place in our future automobiles. We sure are eager to see the change in the automobile industry.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 18, 2011