• MIT students develop Soft Rocker outdoor seating that charges your devices

  • SOFT-Rockers.jpg
    Relaxing in the outdoors now gets a lot more productive, with the MIT Soft Rocker outdoor seating arrangement. These cleverly and ingeniously designed seats use the human power of balance to create an interactive 1.5 axis 35 watt solar tracking system that juices up electronics that you connect to the seat, including mobile phones, laptops, media players etc. the seat also stores solar energy generated during the daytime and power up the soft integrated ambient lighting during the darker hours!

    A great way to lay back, rest your bones and have your gadgetry juice up at the same time with green energy, the Soft Rocker seems like the perfect way to outdoor seating.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on May 11, 2011