• MIT Lab Finds Way to Make Gadgets More Efficient by Tapping Waste Heat energy

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    Right from power plants to cars to cell phones much of coveted energy tapped from burning fossil fuels gets wasted as heat energy that is released from them all. MIT labs are working to tap this very heat energy and trying to make our everyday gadgets run longer by recycling the wasted heat energy by adding thermal diodes and quantum dot semiconductors. This is good news indeed because nearly 60 percent energy goes waste globally. MTPV Corp is trying to commercialize this technology.

    This improved technology will really reduce our energy wastage dramatically for they aim to achieve almost 90 percent efficiency in converting wasted thermal energy into electrical energy. It really feels good that researchers and technology is making impossible things possible. Right from making alternative energy options to small gadgets like cell phones efficient we are surely going to reduce our carbon footprint by saving energy.
    Via Ecogeek