• MIR – A solar powered Radio Alarm Clock for a green good-morning

  • solar-powered-radio-alarm-clock.jpg
    We have seen dozens of solar powered gadgets but here is one that will wake you with the goodness of sun! Blending green function along with avant-garde appearance, Klaus Rosburg’s MIR is actually a solar powered Radio Alarm Clock. Fitted with two rotating solar wings, akin to the ones that we see on space stations, this conceptual alarm is designed to stir you out of your dreams by feeding on sun rays. Guess we will need to place it close a window so that it can soak solar energy to function even when the sun shies away. Since its still a concept, the designer can tweak it such that one solar charge can render days or rather months of solar powered wake-up times!


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 9, 2009