• Microsoft’s Environmental Sustainability Dashboard to help corporate environmentalists

  • Microsoft's_Environmental_Sustainability_Dashboard.jpg
    Microsoft with its soft heart has introduced a toolset for one of its software that will help the corporate giants keep a watch on the declining green spots on the earth. As in they can keep a watch on how much the environment around them gets screwed up every time they do something to screw up the environment or in other words, encourage ‘development’. The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard for users of the Dynamics AX Microsoft software can now provide the necessary data on energy consumption and green house emissions. The toolset is available for free with the AX software.

    The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard will help the corporate sector to now do their research well before investing into a project that may have some harm to the environment. It’s a very thoughtful update that every company needs to take. The concerns to have a safer environment are now thankfully, leaving homes and school walls.