• Microsoft develop energy saving application that rocks your PC to sleep

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    Microsoft has come up with a way to control your computers energy sucking computers thirst, and have recently developed an application for the purpose. Desktop computers are known energy suckers and IT equipment consume 50-80% of a modern building’s electricity. Last year, someone stumbled on an astonishing fact that leaving PCs on caused a $2.8 billion of electricity wastage. And yes, most offices and firms don’t really encourage the shut-down-your-PC policy today. Microsoft has an answer though, as always, in the form of its Sleep Proxy system that can cut energy consumption by a sweet 60-80%, without obstructing office work.

    The Sleep Proxy mode maintains a PC’s network presence even when it is turned off or put into standby mode. The PC need not be woken up, which can anger it to an extent, to access network tasks, and can stay asleep and save energy. This one’s sure going to hit the IT industry with a bang, and have PCs all around falling asleep.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 17, 2010