• Luggage that charges up your devices on the go

  • travel_carrier_charger.jpg
    Lugging around a suitcase isn’t the best way to travel. And well, if you aren’t one to settle on travelling light, we’ve stumbled on a trolley suitcase that’s bound to leave you smiling wide. Designed by Jung Inyoung, this trolley suitcase charges up your gadgets too! Generating energy by converting kinetic energy from the movement of its wheels into usable electricity, the suitcase juices up all your little gadgets, including your phone and music-player. Available in attractive colors that are sure to make head turns as you drag this one around airport terminals and train stations, this suitcase sure is a better and cleverer way to travel!


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 2, 2012