• Looped escalator, the Levytator works as an energy-efficient alternative

  • levytator.jpg
    Escalators are known energy-suckers. A City University London professor of mechanical engineering, Jack Levy, has come up with a unique way to cut short energy bills that owe their enlarged sums to escalator use. Levy’s escalator design, called the Levytator, uses a loop-like construction and is claimed to be the world’s only escalator that supports curvature. Common-day escalators have their redundant steps move underneath those in use. The Levytator simply loops the up and down escalators in a continuous path, allowing passengers to go up and come back down without having to step off! This simply wipes out the need for two separate escalators, one for upward mobility and one going downwards!

    A clever idea indeed, the Levytator could easily find its application in city malls and shopping arcades, places with electricity bills running down a quarter of a mile!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on September 30, 2011