• LG’s energy saving 385-liter bottom freezer to be unveiled

  • LG_385-liter_bottom_freezer.jpg
    The cleanest way to chill out and cool, LG will unveil its 385-liter bottom freezer at the MAISON & OBJET 2010 in Paris. Using LG’s Linear Compressor technology, this bottom freezer is sure to freeze your bottom with its cool energy saving features. The freezer helps save space, save energy, store more food, reduces noise levels, and has better durability and capacity. The Liner Compressor, with its controlled cooling power and reduced internal friction enables the freezer achieve a well deserved A++ rating for energy consumption. Energy savings of up to 20 percent is pulled off simply by changing from reciprocal to piston drive.

    Besides this, this bottom freezer also looks as cool as it freezes and stores. It as a simple yet sophisticated two tone optional finish with stainless steel, brushed steel, titanium and silver and white to chose from. The bottom freezer also has a touch LED/LCD display that displays messages and uses LED lighting inside. How cool is that?

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