• LG unveils smart and green refrigerator

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    Home appliances are going smarter and greener by the day. Now, LG has launched the first smart and eco-friendly appliance, the fore-runner of what will soon be a range of similar appliances all embracing green. To start off with, LG unveiled its smart refrigerator that offers updates and information that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. Built-in features like Late Night Saving, Preferable Time Saving and Smart-Grid Ready make this one as energy-efficient as ever. The Smart Manager system keeps users informed about the life of products stores inside, their expiry dates and such. To access this, one can use a smart phone or a tablet with the Smart Access software. No longer do you need to write out grocery lists on shopping trips. The fridge itself tells you what’s needed!

    The fridge also features an LCD screen that works as a notepad instead of the good old sticky notes that you’ve been using all along! Technology with a touch of green now steps into your cooking area!
    Via – [Fareastgizmos]

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