• LG Flatron W2252TE said to be Green

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    LG Flatron W2252TE stakes claim of being the world’s most energy-efficient monitor. It sports a 22-inch widescreen LCD and offers a 45% power reduction on other models, a saving of 40 watts.; thus reflecting on electricity bills. However the screen still comes with toxic chemicals that come with all electronics, and LG hasn’t changed anything about the actual materials the monitor is made from. In related news Dell, has become the first company of its type to offer goods that use less power than the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star standard. It is also boasting a new record in recycling 102m pounds of IT equipment from customers in 2007, a 20 per cent increase on the previous year.

    The LG Flatron W2252TE monitor will be available in the UK in August. Pricing details are unavailable as yet.

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