• LG Door-in-Door French-door refrigerator helps save 17% on energy expenses

  • Refrigerators lose their cool every time you swing open the door to grab stomach-treats, literally. This in turn leads to higher energy consumption to suit cooling requirements, increasing your electricity bills considerably. LG has now unveiled the latest in home-appliance technology, a new Door-in-Door French-door refrigerator with a storage compartment in the door itself. This enables you to quickly pull out commonly-used foods, without having to swing open the entire door! With enough space to store salads, bottles of beverages, fruits and a lot more, this additional compartment helps keep the temperature of the refrigerator stable. Helping save nearly 8 to 17% on your energy expenditure, this refrigerator could show up with a price tag of around $3,500.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on July 21, 2012