• Keep out the cold with heat from underground using Ground Source Heat Pumps!

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    Pumping heat out of the ground, the most recent technological breakthrough, can provide heat to 10 % British homes and 40% of Britain’s commercial buildings by in the next 10 years. The demand and market for Ground Source Heat Pumps has doubled since last year according to sources, and with government help, this technology can be used on a wide scale in UK by 2012. Using coiled loops placed underground, heat is transferred from the ground to buildings and can be used to heat water and for heating homes. Though electricity is required to run the pumps, they are four times more efficient than common oil and gas boilers used to heat homes today. This can lead to an average saving of £1,000 on bills.

    According to reports, considering a slow growth rate, 320,000 GSHP’s will be installed in homes and commercial buildings by 2020. And if this strategy is accepted by the British folks, a total of 1.2 million GSHP’s will be installed by 2020.

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