• Japan’s space craft powered by solar sails

  • Japan_solar_sail_powered_craft.jpg
    Japan is all set to send out a craft in space, powered by solar power. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will launch the space yacht, using solar sails on 18th May. Accelerated by the sun’s radiation, the Interplanetary Kite-craft will have solar particles bounce off its sails. Known as the Ikaros, the space craft will be the first of its kind to enter into deep space using solar sails.

    This simply means that the craft will need no fuel to cruise through space. So long as it is near enough to the sun to catch a particle powered breeze, this sailing space craft will need no fuel whatsoever. The Ikaros sports 46-foot flexible sails, thinner than human hair, equipped with thin-film solar cells that generate power. This technology is sure to revolutionize space travel into a more cleaner and eco-friendly event.

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