• Is Seoul’s air polluted? Ask the Living Light canopy!

  • Living-Light-canopy-1.jpg
    Art installations are set up to add a graceful touch to the aesthetics of a place. Some of them are functional too, and help spread a load of information, like this Living Light installation in Seoul. Located in Peace Park across the World Cup Stadium, this canopy has blocks that represent different parts of the city. Each of these city parts have an air-monitoring system that keeps the installation informed about air quality, city-wide. A use can also send this interactive installation a text machine, with which the specified block lights up. The canopy is designed as a map of the city and according to air quality, lights up in different ways.

    Designed by Columbia University’s Living Architecture Lab, and sponsored by the City Gallery project, this breath taking installation keeps a real-time check on Seoul’s air.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 26, 2011