• iPad-charging bag uses solar energy to juice up

  • iPad-charging-bag.jpg
    We’ve seen solar powered bags that suck energy from the rays of the sun to power up your gadgets on the go. Here’s one specifically designed for Steve Job’s Apple of the eye, the iPad. Most of the satchels we’ve had before loaded with solar panels, stick to utilitarian qualities more than just looks. Element 5 has now come up with a bag called the Swiss Made Mini L Solarbag with a solar panel that soaks in the sun’s heat to juice up your iPad. Well, we aren’t sure just how long this one really takes to do its job well, though judging by the size of the solar panel, we’ve summed it up to be quite a long time!

    With a price tag of $412, this solar panel bag seems to be a pretty awesome way to keep that thirsty Apple of yours happy on the go.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on July 11, 2011