• Internet Explorer 9, the most energy efficient web browser

  • 5.jpgSoftware firms are forever developing new browsers and we’ve seen web-wars on just which browser beats the other on forums and just about everywhere. Here’s an aspect of web browsers no one really paid attention to before, energy efficiency. Bill Gate’s baby Microsoft has now given birth to the newest browsing sensation, the Internet Explorer version 9 that is said to be the most energy efficient internet browser. After passing through a bunch of tests, competing against Google Chrome 10, Firefox 4, Opera 11 and Safar 5, the Internet Explorer 9 has outshined them all. The Internet Explorer 9 is said to keep your battery life in mind, and is efficient given that it consumes lesser energy than the rest!

    So if you’re expecting your laptop to live longer on a single charge, simply buy the new Internet Explorer version and browse for longer hours!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on March 30, 2011