• Intel’s smart new energy saving device

  • intel-energy-saving.jpg Intel will find its way inside our homes electricity supply systems now. With a new experimental device being developed, Intel will help reduce energy consumption and costs in future. The device works as a sensor that monitors power consumption of appliances in real time and has the data sent to a PC, mobile phone or an energy management console via Wi-Fi. The device in its infant stages is will only be capable of displaying data for the users benefit. In future though, the device will see upgrades that will enable it to control lighting systems at home and also control appliances manually with human intervention or the use of by the use of a PC. The company currently has a hand in wind turbines, the Smart Grid Corporation of China and has taken green measures like the Green IT before. Intel should probably name their new energy saving brainchild.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on April 19, 2010