• Ink Remover Printer feeds on printed pages and recycles them into blank paper

  • ink_removal_printer.jpg
    Every time you crumple up a page of paper and toss it into the dust-bin, you’ve got to realize that a tree was sacrificed to provide you with that sheet of writing material. Designer Kim Su Yeon has come up with a concept we just can’t keep our eyes off! The Ink Remover Printer as its known, does just what its name suggests i.e. erases ink fro printed sheets, spitting out clean and blank pages for re-use. Using a printer as such, you probably would never need to toss another ball of paper into the bin ever again!

    For now, this one’s just a concept, though we’d be more than joyous if it turned into a reality soon!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 27, 2011