• Information on electricity usage delivered by the INSIC wall socket

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    Now it there really isn’t anyone to blame for your absent mindedness when it comes to energy conservation. We’d remind you time and again to unplug your devices till the idea hits a home-run and you realize the need to conserve energy. We’ve now got a little electrical-device-buddy who’ll help remind you to unplug. By designer Muhyeon Kim, the INSIC wall socket tells you just how much electricity you’ve been using, making you feel the pinch and get eco-conscious. This sure will help you realize just how much energy you could save, along with a few dollars, by just plugging out your devices after use.

    All one needs is a bit of information, to know just how much electricity you use, and just how much you could save by plugging out, which this wall socket helps you with.
    Via – [Designlaunches]

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