• India’s first solar powered cellphone by Samsung India

  • samsung-e1107.jpg
    Samsung India has introduced the world’s first solar powered cellphone in one of the largest growing cellphone markets in the world – India. The Solar Guru can be charged anywhere where the sun is shining and are excellent in far flung area where there is no consistent power or no power at all. The phone will be launched in the market by the middle of June at a price of Rs 2799 (US$ 56). The phone has been developed with keeping in minds, the consumer insights where a rural user can stay connected with his family with an affordable phone which withstands harsh rural environment and serves as an alternative to landlines where electricity is a challenge.

    The hybrid solar recharge phone delivers about around 5-10 minutes of talktime with one hour of solar recharge when the handset is turned off and also the sunlight is adequate. The battery will be fully charged within 40 hours of solar charging.
    Via – [Newlaunches]