• In New Zealand, beer residue is driving cars

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    Making beer sure involves a lot of residue that is discarded in the noblest means. But nothing compares to driving cars. The large amount of beer manufactured and consumed in New Zealand leads to plenty of leftover matter that can now serve as a brilliant substitute for fossil fuels, which are depleting soon. The matter is a slurry of yeast that wasn’t used in the fermentation, which can be further distilled and refined to result in the creation of ethanol. This matter, when treated well enough, is good enough to power your vehicle.

    While this may be news to many, it isn’t something new for the planet. In the US, we have corn that is grown exclusively for biofuel while Brazil recycles sugarcane waste to create ethanol. There are concerns by motorists as ethanol doesn’t prove to be the most beneficial power-source for cars. In fact, it may have to be used with some proportion of gasoline. The pioneers of the technology could do with some more time to perfect their art as the endeavor was set in motion only in February this year.

    [Via – Popsci]

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