• iGo’s smart and efficient power saving triplets

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    Save energy and shorten your energy bills by using iGo’s three new devices. These smart and energy saving devices detect will a device plugged in and shut off the power being drawn from the wall by the device when not in use. iGo introduced the Power Smart Tower with four controlled outlets, and four normal outlets for devices that need to be powered continuously. It also has two USB jacks for other devices. This efficient device will cost you $80. Another product from iGo is the Power Smart Wall. This is basically a scale down version of the Power Smart Tower and has no USB ports and half the number of power outlets. It is also cheaper than the Tower and costs just $30. iGo also introduced a laptop charger named… the Laptop Charger. This charger only powers-up and charges your laptop when it needs it and also has a plug in for a mobile device. These products from iGo will soon find their way in our homes.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on December 18, 2009