• iGo unveils power saving universal chargers at CES 2010

  • iGo_universal_chargers.jpg
    The 2010 International CES witnessed the unveiling of iGo’s environmentally friendly universal charger power saving product. These chargers can be used to power up laptops and mobile phones and use 85% less standby power than its peers. These products from iGo’s proprietary technology, “iGo Green” are smart enough to detect when a device is not being used and can shut off the power to the device directly from the wall. This helps prevent a useless waste of energy supplies sucked up by these unused devices.

    Turning devices off isn’t the only capability of the iGo Green technology. When the iGo Green power managing systems detects that the attached devices need to be powered up again, they automatically turn the power on. Devices that need to continuous power supply, like electric clocks, can be connected to the ‘always on’ power outlet. This bunch of products from iGo is sure to help save a whole load of energy wasted on idle devices.

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