• Hybrid street lighting that uses the wind and the sun to power up is clean

  • hybrid-LED-streetlamp-2.jpg
    Street lighting in the future will be a lot more advanced and a whole lot greener than the lamps we have today. And we’re certain of that, looking at what turned up at the ‘International Lighting & Display Exhibition (L&D Korea 2010) in EXCO, Daegu. Yuyang DNU pulled the veil of this system of hybrid LED streetlamps composed of an LED streetlamp (56W). The system can make use of solar energy as well as the wind to power up and lighten up your path. Also, it controls its lighting hours, meaning that no energy is wasted in the form of useless lighting. Depending on the weather, this one automatically selects its best power source and alternates accordingly.

    Also, these hybrid street lamps are easier to install. They pack storage batteries that can keep them going for a good 3 days too. Street lamps connected to the grid will soon find its place in a museum, with developments like these.

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