• How to unlock an iPhone 4S

  • The freedom a handset like the iPhone 4S gives you is extraordinary. With GPS you can navigate your way anywhere, and with features like Face Time and social networking apps, you can stay connected and run your life on the move.

    But what if you want the extra freedom to choose our network provider, so that we can benefit from a better deal offered by SIM only providers such as giffgaff? If you haven’t bought your handset outright, then your handset is more than likely locked to your home network.

    Ofcom have called phone locking an unnecessary restriction on people’s freedom. So how can we break free of the shackles of our networks? Follow this simple advice on how to unlock iPhone 4S, and the answer is ‘easily’.

    First, check with your network provider that your iPhone 4S can be unlocked. Most handsets can, however, there are exceptions. The network 3 has specific terms and conditions around unlocking, so it is worth checking what these are before you begin.

    Secondly, always follow the rules. Although you’re probably ahead of the curve when it comes to technology – and getting the best deals – it is wise to do things by the book when unlocking your iPhone 4S. Take heed of the manufacturer’s warning about trying to unlock your phone yourself. Not only is this particularly complex to do, but it could also invalidate your warranty, meaning that a replacement will not be offered in the event of a faulty phone, even if the damage was nothing to do with the unlocking process.

    Thirdly, compare unlocking providers. As with everything in life, a better deal can be had by shopping around. There are a range of unlocking providers out there, which can unlock your phone anywhere between a matter of hours and 28 days, and will cost you anything from £15 to £50. The best providers are rated and compared by members of the giffgaff community on factors such as price, speed and customer service at www.giffgaff.com/unlock. Head over there to see who is best for you.

    Finally, it’s handy to have an online resource where you can find out more for yourself and read around the subject with information from people in the know. giffgaff have an online resource of videos which can talk you through the process step by step. Head over to the giffgaff YouTube channel for more info.

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