• Horizon’s MiniPak fuel-cell personal charger powers up gadgets using hydrogen

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    We’ve seen quite a few on-the-go chargers that can power up your little electric I-make-your-life-easier gadgets. Some are juiced by the sun, most actually, while we’ve seen a few use stored electricity and wind power too! Well, here’s a new one of its kind. A fuel-cell powered personal charger. Now don’t try fueling your car with this one. It’s powerful enough to juice up electric gadgets like cell phones and mp3 players in the outdoors.

    Now, if you’re still wondering how this lovely little innovation works, get a hold of this. The MiniPak fuel cell charger by Horizon has enough power that equals to 1,000 AA batteries. Two refillable cartridges store these. To produce this energy, the charger uses hydrogen and is probably the cheapest fuel cell charger around. For $100, this charger will keep you charged up anywhere, anytime and is the closest you can get to seriously powering up with a fuel-cell.
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