• Honda Soltec develops one of world’s most efficient CIGS-based thin-film solar cells

  • honda-CIGS-based-thin-film-solar-cells-1.jpg
    A new solar cell will show up this year, by Honda Soltec, an enhanced thin film model with a compact design, more than the one currently on store shelves. The new solar cell is expected to boast module conversion efficiency of 13.0% and above, making it one of the world’s most efficient CIGS-based thin-film solar cells. With an improved performance of the photosensitive CIGS layer and with reductions in surface area of the surrounding frame and other non-photosensitive portions, this one has a 10% increase in module conversion efficiency with more power generation capabilities than the model currently available. The new model takes two-thirds the amount of space than the current model allowing more of these to be fitted into a given amount
    of space.

    With this, soaking in the sun sure seems to be the best way to power up these days! We’d like to see a lot more from Honda Soltec!

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