• Hamwells e-Shower uses 80 percent lesser energy and 90 percent lesser water

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    Hamwells has introduced an amazing new means of taking a shower without being too wasteful of water. The shower pumps out recirculating water to make it reusable and safe. This not only cuts down the water usage by 90 percent but also uses 80 percent lesser energy than contemporary showers. The filtration is considered to be so effective that water can be reused up to seven times! You could scrub yourself with the low-pressure classic feature first and then resort to the refresh cycle that splashes water at higher pressure towards you. The idea of an e-Shower also means that it is more intelligent than the soon-to-be-erstwhile faucet-only systems.

    Speaking about the e-Shower, CEO of Hamwells, Rob Chömpff said, “Requiring 10 liters of warm water a minute for a sustained period, the traditional shower demands huge investments in solar panels, electric boilers and the like. It was the linchpin blocking the sustainable energy neutral buildings of the future.” Solving the energy and water wastage situation in one go, while addressing a better means of carrying out a daily activity is a commendable development.

    [ Via : Inhabitat ]

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