• GreenAir ecological air purifier

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    These days there are so many products being introduced that sometimes it makes you stop and wonder, do we really need these things? One of them is the air freshener jazz. There are so many of them that it’s like choosing a perfume for your walls. And most of them are poisonous anyway, so this little GreenAir purifier can be a solution. It is an ecological air purifier concept that uses an innovative idea of purifying the indoor environment with living plants. The concept uses the idea of plants that can effectively purify air in a natural way.

    GreenAir apparently can absorb contaminants from indoor air through the roots and leaves. This concept includes a fan that helps to pull the polluted air to the root region (using solar panel as the energy source), so that huge amount of contaminants can be gathered to purify in a shorter span of time. How nice and green.

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