• Green energy generating Greenerator hooks on to your apartment’s balcony

  • greenorator-1.jpg
    Generating green energy, especially when you live in an apartment block can be a lot more difficult. You share the roof space, so you really can’t install a gigantic solar panel up there. A wind turbine outside your window seems like a pretty bad idea too. Here’s a green energy generator that’ll solve most of your energy woes. The Greenerator (we love the name!) collects solar and wind energy and is compact. It can be attached on to an apartment balcony and uses a vertical axis wind turbine and flexible solar panels. Each of these can cut off your electricity bill by a sweet 6%, shortening its length from the floor. A couple of these on your balconies could work wonders!

    That’s not all; you could also do your part for the environment, saving almost 2000 pounds of Co2 emissions annually! Your balcony is the place to be for the sweet and eco-friendly Greenerator!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 18, 2010