• Grape-DR: the world greenest supercomputer

  • supercomputer.jpgSupercomputers usually need a lot of power to run, considering the massive applications they run, so it’s really great if a Supercomputer goes green. Taking the title of the world’s Greenest Supercomputer is the Grape-DR, a supercomputer located at the Department of Information Science at the University of Tokyo. This machine spots 64 Intel Core i7-920 processors and an accelerator chip to draw 200 gigaflops with only 50 Watts of power, improving the efficiency five times over.

    Who says it is the greenest? Well, the Little Green500 List of energy-efficient supercomputers saw the Grape-DR right on top with 815.43 MFLOPS per Watt, second to IBM’s which is capable of 773.38 MFLOPS per Watt.

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