• Google PowerMeter helps to reduce energy consumption and bills too

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    After talking about Microsoft’s green foray, it time to know about Google’s attempt to regularize energy consumption. They have conceived a free web service, dubbed PowerMeter, to help users to keep a tab on their energy consumption. Intending to team up with compatible manufacturers, Google plans to introduce this service soon. This green software will offer detailed information on how much electricity is actually being used which in turn can help to reduce bils by as much as 15 percent. Integrated into the company’s iGoogle platform, it will allow users to create a customized page with lightweight Web-based applications. Designed to show a granular, real-time view of electricity-consuming devices, it will take data from smart meters a.k.a. advanced electricity meters and other electricity management devices.

    Google also plans to release APIs (application programming interfaces) for PowerMeter that would let other software developers build applications around it. It is rumored that this smart, green software is being tested in beta version by Google staff. Once they find partners to take this power saving PowereMeter software to the next level, all of us can also make the best of the facility of PowerMetering.

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